Getting Around the Island

There are 3 options for getting around the island. We suggest choosing your mode of transportation based on what your planned activities are.

By Foot

The Bravo beach Hotel is a 15 minute walk to Isabel Segunda, the capital of the island. Isabel has a grocery store, bakeries, restaurants/bars, shops, and the only ATMs and U.S. Post Office on the island. On the way to Isabel from BBH there is an art gallery and public park that features a lighthouse and a beautiful view of the town.

Walking 10 minutes east or west of the Bravo Beach Hotel you can also access beaches.

By Publico

Publicos can provide rides to most destinations on the island at a reasonable rate. They typically will not provide rides to some of the beaches due to unpaved/rough roads. If you plan to use this as your primary transportation for your stay, please let us know and we can provide you with the names of reliable local drivers.

By Car

Please note that Puerto Rican car rental agreements do not allow rental cars to be brought to Vieques from the main island. If you plan to rent a car for your trip to Vieques, you will need to rent it from a dealer on the on the island.

Most car rental companies on the island offer small to large SUVs exclusively. Rental cars are the best way to explore the entirety of the island and visit the beaches that can only be reached by rough and unpaved roads. There are many rental car companies on the island, but it can still be difficult to obtain a rental car during the busy seasons. We suggest booking your car well in advance of your trip to the island.

Rental Car Companies

Company Phone Number

Acevedo's Car Rental


B&E Car Rental

787-435-6488, 787-435-6020

Chepito's Car Rental


Coqui’s Car Rental


Island Car Rental


Marcos Car Rental


Martineau Car Rental


Maritza's Car Rental


Toni’s Car Rental


Vieques Car Rental


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