One of the best reasons to come to Vieques is to explore the 50+ beaches circumventing the island. The beach selection is diverse including calm white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, beaches with strong surf and everything in-between. Beaches can be accessed by paved or dirt roads or even walking from the BBH.

Some of our favorites are:

Playa Voltios The beach that runs along the BBH. This beach has strong surf, and is known for have excellent surfing and body boarding. There is a small reef that runs along the shoreline that has to be crossed in order to get to the waves, so be sure to wear protective footwear. There is also excellent snorkeling in this area.

Sea Glass Beach Beach just west of the ferry dock in Isabel Segunda. While this beach is not good for swimming or bathing, it is a great place to search for sea glasses and other treasurers that have washed up on the shore.

Sun Bay Public Balnerio located near Esperanza. There is a small fee for entrance into the public beach area. This beach is situated on a large bay that is great for swimming, walking and lounging. It also includes facilities, picnic areas and a small playground. Horses also roam freely up and down the beach.

Navio Beautiful Navio is located inside the public balnerio, but does not have facilities or picnic areas. This beach has strong surf and is great for body boarding or just riding the waves.

Playa Plata / Orchid Beach Playa Plata is the most eastern beach situated at the end of the dirt road inside the Fish and Wildlife Park. White sands and calm, crystal clear water makes this beach fantastic for relaxing in the sun and swimming.

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