Bioluminescent Bay (Bio-bay)

Vieques is home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. The Mosquito Bay waters are home to a single celled protozoan from the dinoflagellata family. This protozoan emits a glow in the water when disturbed. The narrow opening and shallow waters in the bay allow for a very high concentration of these organisms. The best time to visit the bio-bay is during the new moon cycle.

There are many tours offered on the island to see the Bio-bay including pontoon or kayaking tours.

Culture & Historic Sites

El Fortin Conde de Mirasol Ė Vieques is home to a former Spanish fort that looms over Isabel Segunda. Built in the mid 1800ís, this was the last fort built by the Spanish in the Western hemisphere, and was originally used to protect the port and house the Spanish militia. The fort was later used as a prison for both Spain and the United States. It was abandoned in the 1940ís. The renovated fort now houses artwork from local artists, information and artifacts about the history of the island, along with a small gift shop. The exterior of the fort has a lovely view of the island and beautiful gardens.

Watersports and Other Activities

There are many tours and rental companies for kayaking, fishing (deep sea and shallow), jet skiing, body boarding, sailing, snorkeling, scuba, and surfing on the island.

Donít feel like going out into the water? There are also horseback riding and bicycle tours offered.

Festivals / Events

For up to date information regarding festivals and events on island, please visit

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